Become a Preceptor

The success of this program is owed to the time and knowledge contributed by our preceptors. Preceptors in the program are health care providers throughout the bay area (e.g. orthopedic surgens, nephrologist, podiatrists, cardiologists, neurosurgeons, nurse practitioners, pediatricians, etc). Some of our preceptors have been with the program for many years while others have just started. It is our belief and hope that this program is a worthwhile experience for both our students and preceptors.

The Field Study Internship is designed to impose as little as possible on the preceptor’s daily routine while still providing a rewarding experience for both the student and the preceptor. In the beginning of the semester the program will match interns and preceptors with both the students and preceptors interest in mind. The preceptor and the student determine the degree of student involvement during this internship, along with the specific shadowing schedule. It is up to the student to contact their preceptor and fulfil whatever special requirements (e.g. flu shot, HIPPA, CPR training, etc.).

Historically FSI has always been a very competitive program on campus due to the limited number of preceptors. Thus the program is continually looking for more qualified preceptors.

I love doing this. I find it one of the most unambiguously fulfilling things I do.
– Dr. Elizabeth Gleghorn

Interested health care professionals are encouraged to contact the FSI Coordinator (see contact us)