About FSI

Field Study Internship

MISSION: We educate Berkeley undergraduate students interested in entering healthcare through direct experience with healthcare professionals, consistent preceptorship/mentorship, and an open and welcoming environment to discuss ethical and social issues in healthcare.

VALUES: Education through equity-oriented conversations and first-hand clinical experience at the intersection of medicine and public health

The Field Study Internship allows students to shadow physicians for the duration of a semester.  Interns are matched up with physicians in their fields of interest (e.g. pediatrics, urology, obstetrics, cardiology, plastic surgery, etc.).  Interns observe and interact with their preceptor as they see patients, consider ethical issues, complete administrative work, and perform other duties in their daily practices.  Along with the six to eight hours of shadowing each week, interns also participate in a two-hour discussion section, where they share their internship experiences and explore current medical topics.  Interns receive three units of pass/not pass credit from the School of Public Health.

For more info, contact the FSI Coordinator(s) at fsicoordinator@berkeley.edu